Collections and Bankruptcy Law

Our Firm regularly works with businesses and individuals to enforce contractual obligations, collect outstanding accounts receivable, and enforce judgments. We send demand letters, file association and mechanic’s liens, and initiate legal proceedings to enforce breaches of contract or foreclosure of liens. We also work with clients to craft a collection process that can be implemented into their business practices in order to help reduce outstanding accounts receivables. In addition, we review and, when needed, revise the contracts our clients use in their businesses to ensure that they are best protected should a lawsuit need to be filed in order to enforce their contractual rights. Our Firm works with creditors in all stages of the process to enforce obligations owed to them and in seeking recovery through litigation or a negotiated settlement in a timely manner.

Examples of collection law cases our firm handles include:

  • Claim and Delivery Actions
  • Eviction and Ejectment Actions
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Association Liens
  • Demand Letters
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Confessions of Judgment
  • Domesticating Foreign Judgments
  • Supplemental Proceedings

We also represent and advise creditors in bankruptcy court when a debtor files for bankruptcy. We have substantial experience with bankruptcy law and its unique rules of procedure that can serve as a trap for the unwary. We use that experience to protect creditors’ rights and interests throughout the bankruptcy process.

Examples of bankruptcy law cases our firm handles include:

  • Filing Proofs of Claims in Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Representing Creditors in Adversary Proceedings in Bankruptcy Court
  • Advising Creditors on Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Issues
  • Representation at the Meeting of Creditors and Rule 2004 Examinations
  • Objections to Exemptions and Dischargeability of Debts
  • Analyzing Potential Fraudulent Transfers
  • Equitable Subordination Issues
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
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